In construction projects you need to use hundreds of equipment to make sure everything is done in the right wat. Due to the big evolution of technology, the equipment we can use nowadays is way better than the equipment that was used in the past. An important equipment we use is a vibration monitor. This equipment is used for vibration monitoring. Vibration monitoring is important to detect certain problems that may occur because of wrong vibrations in a building. Measuring DIN4150-3 is nowadays quite easy because of the effective measuring systems we have. But what are the important aspects of a vibration monitor?

The frequency

The most important aspect of a vibration monitoring is the frequency range the vibration monitor is working with. There are different kind of monitors for measuring SBR-A and SBR-B. A device that is used for measuring SBR-B has a more frequency range and a larger measuring range. SBR-B can measure around ten times as accurate as SBR-A.

The filter

All the monitors have a filter that can filter out the vibrations that can not be used. When you do not filter out the unusable vibrations, the data will be wrong. So, it is very important to have a good working filter.

The battery

Last, the battery of the vibration monitor is very important. It would not be the first time a project has downtime because a battery was not charged well. Nowadays, there are a lot of great batteries that can work for multiple days without charging. When you are working on a place without energy, it is important to have a good working battery that is fully charged.