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How You Can Optimize Your Existing HVAC-R Equipment Performance With TDX 20

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

A company by the name of Bluon has created a refrigerant called TDX 20 which has a reputation for excellence. It is very similar to Freon in its ability to absorb heat, making it one of the most efficient coolants on the market. The cost of this particular refrigerant might be slightly higher than other alternatives, but it is worth every dime that you will pay. It is considered to be the most efficient refrigerant that has ever been created. You could actually optimize your entire HVAC system by doing nothing more than adding this to your unit. To get this done, you will need to find an HVAC company that will have the ability to exchange what could be Freon for this new product. If having an efficient heating ventilation air conditioning refrigeration machine working optimally is important to you, this is how you can optimize your system.


What Type Of Optimization Will Occur?

There are different types of optimization that you can do to any type of refrigeration system. Sometimes it requires you to change out physical components such as a compressor or condenser. Other times it is necessary to replace the refrigerant. If your coolant is not functioning properly, and you are getting warm air, it’s time to change it out. It is important to use an exceptional refrigerant. Many people recommend TDX 20.


What You Should Know About TDX 20

This is a refrigerant made by a company called Bluon. It was developed to fulfill certain functions. For example, it is capable of absorbing more heat than a comparable coolant that is at a higher pressure. It is this ability to absorb heat, despite being at a low pressure, which makes this very advantageous. When this is installed, this means that your compressor is going to work at a much higher level of efficiency. It will also last longer. The amount of electricity that you are using is also going to diminish. This is all because of the way that this refrigerant operates. It is made of multiple chemicals, carefully configured to provide these benefits. Essentially, if you are looking for the best refrigerant on the market, you will want to try this particular one.


Is It Easy To Install In Your System?

The way that this is installed in your existing system is to first drain the existing coolant. If this machine that you have is older, you probably have R-22, one of the most notorious types of coolants in the world. Better known as Freon, this is perhaps the most recognizable refrigerant in the world today. His recognizable for two reasons. First of all, it was used in millions of machines around the world. It is also known for the problems that it has caused with the ozone layer.


How Has It Affected The Ozone Layer?

The effects on the ozone layer have to do with the ability of the coolant to cause ozone to deplete. The depletion of ozone is because it is literally broken down. This is a material that consists of three molecules of oxygen. They are combined together in such a way that they can block ultraviolet light. When a chlorofluorocarbon comes into contact with these molecules, a problem occurs. It will begin to cause the ozone to break down into oxygen and the remaining molecule. This creates a very difficult situation, especially if you happen to be directly under the hole in the ozone layer that is created. One of the reasons that Freon was replaced was because of this problem. It was very prominent on the southern hemisphere, almost becoming as large as the continent of Antarctica. Realizing that this could be very problematic if there were ever over a populated area, they decided to figure out what was wrong. At first, scientists believe that it had to do with the aerosol cans that were being used. In part, it was having a detrimental effect. However, it was recognizing that Freon itself was causing the problem. They then realize that this was installed in many different types of machines, and at some point, it would need to be replaced.


TDX 20 Is A Great Replacement For Freon

TDX 20 is a fantastic replacement for R-22. When this is examined chemically, and when you look at how it interacts with pressure and heat, you can see that it is virtually identical to Freon. It is because of this that it is one of the easiest refrigerants to switch out in place of Freon that may be in your system. If you do have an older refrigeration device, or an air conditioner, you probably have R-22. By virtue of laws that were passed, specifically to prevent the damage to the ozone layer, it should be replaced by an HVAC professional.


Why Using TDX 20 Can Optimize Your HVAC-R Equipment Performance

The main reason why this will optimize the performance of your heating ventilation and air conditioning refrigeration system is that it allows it to function with lower amounts of electricity. One of the main components of any refrigeration system is the compressor. When the compressor is pushed to its limit, it is using a substantial amount of electricity. This can cause it to burn out early. When you are using TDX 20 instead of other coolants, you will see a noticeable difference. The air will be cooler, even if it is used at a lower level of pressure. The condenser does not have to work as hard, and as a byproduct, CO2 levels that are emitted from this process are going to be lower. It will also save you money because the electricity that is commonly used will be minimized, sometimes saving you up to 25% on your utility bill. These are all of the ways that the equipment performance of your HVAC-R system will be fully optimize.


The optimization of your HVAC-R equipment can be done very quickly by replacing your existing coolant with TDX 20. This investment will more than pay for itself soon because of how much money you will save on electricity. Efficiency levels will also rise, and the combination of all of these factors is why people are doing this right now. You can find an HVAC professional that can fully optimize your existing HVAC-R equipment by simply replacing your existing coolant with this very efficient refrigerant.